Couple Of Drawings

April 14th, 2011

Shelly and Elon Satat-Kombor, the talented shoe designers behind Couple Of, asked me to draw the shoes from their 2011 summer collection. What a treat!

The collection’s theme is “Urban Jungle”, inspired by wild animals (a parrot, a zebra, a fish!). I obviously took it in a more homely direction, thinking about the porches of Tel-Aviv.

It was a pleasure to draw because the shapes of the shoes are so interesting, and Shelly and Elon were the best clients, letting me do whatever I felt like. An illustrator’s dream…

10 Responses to “Couple Of Drawings”

  1. emil says:

    יפה מאד…כרגיל.
    חג שמח!

  2. זה מהמם. ממש

  3. marit says:

    **הבלוגים שלך הם תענוג צרוף תודה לך וחג שמח**

  4. Jamie says:

    wonderful work :D

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