Have Fun this Weekend

April 6th, 2012

My parents and their friends: young, ambulance beautiful and happy ? Love love love this picture ?

12 Responses to “Have Fun this Weekend”

  1. nirgo says:

    great photo, so happy and nostalgic. hope they’re all still friends.
    your parents are the couple on the left, am i right?

    • Keren Taggar says:

      Yep, good obseration! They’re on the left.
      Can you imagine going with *your* friends to a trip to the woods? We should!

      • nirgo says:

        we should! and we’ll take some instagram pictures for johnny to put on his blog one day.

        • Keren Taggar says:

          Ha! Ha!

          • shniz says:

            you crazy kids from Ramat Hsharon, i’m not going into the woods with you!!
            naa, of course i will.your mother was recognised by her trendy glasses, such chic. the real question remains – who took this photo? anyway cool one.and i shall instagram the hell out of you when we go on our trip, beware…

          • Keren Taggar says:

            kids from the suburbs and woods have a bad reputation, i understand you

  2. N. says:

    Lovely photo! You always post gorgeous vintage pictures. I love that one with your dad holding an old camera.
    I really like old pictures of my parents and their friends, or my family too. They are always so magical even if it is just a photo of my mum in her sunglasses or some photograph taken 20 years ago during a common walk. And the people are smilling and the colours are always amazing.
    I always wonder if I’d have the same feeling when I’ll be watching my photograps one day.
    Have a nice weekend (:

    • Keren Taggar says:

      It’s like people knew how to have fun back then. It’s very corny what I’m gonna write, but the happiness back than seems to be more authentic and less self-aware.
      But maybe we’re just being nostalgic.
      I agree about the colors, it’s something no Instagram can fake.

  3. emil says:

    הכי יפים! את מאד דומה לאימא ,לא?

  4. חנה says:

    תמונה נהדרת! (מעוקבת סמויה בד”כ)