June 6th, 2010

Today I got my copies of the July issue of NYLON magazine, which is ‘the music issue’.
It looks really great, but I’m too excited to read it right now, because my illustration is in it.
I kind of hate how it turned out, but I try to understand I’m not objective right now, with my strange, dark mood.
nyway, this is the illustration:

I did another version in ink, because I wasn’t sure the pencil is strong enough:

But the guys at NYLON preferred the pencil version. Here is the actual spread:

11 Responses to “NYLON-ing”

  1. man dahoe says:

    fucking brilliant.
    I like the pencil better too.

  2. loujinga says:

    I prefer the pencil version as well.
    looks it has more details.
    btw,I sent the package today.
    hope it would arrive safely:D

  3. loujinga says:

    OH.my goodness.
    not “btw”,

    • admin says:

      i’m going to keep my eyes open for that package. beware greedy mailman! thanks loujinga, missed your comments :)

  4. yaellila says:

    I love the (fucking :) pencil version too but maybe this version more appropriate to the paper (the ink version look more like poster or stand by itself. Beside the text it looks too remarkable.)

    • admin says:

      you made me lough! and thanks for the kind words.
      (and also, maybe I have to apologize for saying ‘thank you’ a million times like a crazy person, but I do feel grateful for the comments).

  5. Eric says:

    such good news.

  6. Gilad says:

    Beautiful work and brilliant execution.
    Love the way it works with the typography.

  7. audrey says:

    it looks great! love your work