Random Thoughts on Paper

April 15th, 2012

Evyatar Banai / Ad Machar (sorry for those of you who don’t understand Hebrew, this is such a beautiful song. I hope you can enjoy it anyhow though).


10 Responses to “Random Thoughts on Paper”

  1. N. says:

    I think nothing can be compared to the influence that music has on people. (or maybe most of them). It’s a pity though, If I had a voice or I could play the guitar – i’d start writing songs in a minute.
    Ps: i love the way how you have written ‘coffee’

  2. סיאם says:


  3. Inbal says:

    i think it is very very hard to do it like music, but youre “musical” drowings are affecting me this way many times, and i actually had alot of thinking of how the hell it happens.

  4. taliop says:

    you’re there. I carry your drawings in my head and they make me blue like some songs do. there is a poetic quality in the way you put pen(cil) to paper.

  5. Keren Taggar says:

    Thank you guys for the uplifting comments :)

  6. איציק רנרט says:

    ואני כרגיל, רק קפצתי לשלוח נשיקה.

  7. Avner Pinchover says:

    I like it that although you’re in a very high place with your drawing (in my eyes at least) you’re still reaching for some place higher.