The Skeleton in the Closet

May 31st, 2012

A new T-shirt. I’m not even sure I’m gonna wear it, just love the concept – the skull features are actual holes in the fabric. Zara surely stole the idea from someone, and apparently Urban Outfitters also liked it very much (thanks Shiraz for the link).

By the way, I now have an Instagram account (search for kerentaggar), where you can see the usual cats/baby photos, plus pictures of my work in progress. It may be interesting.

8 Responses to “The Skeleton in the Closet”

  1. inbal says:

    אני אוהבת שאת מציירת חולצות. מישהו פה אמר שהוא רוצה טישרטים שלך, אני רוצה טישרט עם ציור של טישרט.

  2. nirgo says:

    תתחדשי על החולצה והאינסטגרם
    לא יאמן איך יונתן גדל. בתמונות הוא נראה קצת מזרח אסייתי, וידוע שהתינוקות ממזרח אסיה הם הכי חמודים בעולם

  3. Anonymous says:

    just looked at the same t-shirt today at zara and thous the same, but there was no chance to buy it…
    good sketch!

  4. Shniz says:

    i loved the photo,but i also love this sketch. i guess this is how it was meant to be.
    btw, I’m already addicted to the mentioned instagram! cats and babies – you have learned the ways of the web well, my little grasshopper :)